About Us

The Graduate Policy and Administration Community (GPAC) represents over 400 Master of Public Administration and Master of Public Policy students at the University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy.

We recognize that leadership is learned through experience. Consistent with that principle, GPAC was formed to provide students with the opportunity to build networks, practice leadership skills and contribute to the unique culture of our school and the surrounding community.

What does GPAC do?GPAClogo

  •  Conference Coordination
  • Social and Athletic Events
  • Alumni and Professional Development Outreach
  • Bulletins, Newsletters and Communication
  • Speaker Series
  • Price Networking Nights


Building a community of leaders at Price.


Consistent with the mission of Price, GPAC is committed to enhancing the following aspects of our school:

  • Community: Developing lifelong social and professional networks of students, alumni and faculty.
  • Governance: Providing opportunities for leadership.
  • Place: Contributing to the unique culture of Price, USC and the surrounding community.
  • Culture: We commit to creating a culture that promotes:
  1. Collaboration Among the stakeholders at Price;
  2. Diversity of opportunities reflecting the needs, values and goals of our members;
  3. Accountability to our school, our society and each other.


 Download GPAC Bylaws

 How do I get involved?

There are many ways to contribute to the Price School of Public Policy and GPAC. You may already be involved and not even know it!

  •  Coordinate a speaking event
  • Host a dinner party with peers
  • Organize a service project
  • Form an athletic team
  • Plan a tour of city hall
  • Write an article for publication
  • Form a study group