There are seven GPAC committees. Each committee has a great degree of flexibility and often works with Price School directors to coordinate programs and events related to specific areas of study. By far the largest of the GPAC Committees are the Price School Programs Committees that represent four of the various academic interest areas at Price available to MPA and MPP members of GPAC. These committees were created to represent the specific interests and needs of a diverse GPAC membership.

Price School Programs Committees responsibilities include:

Price School Orientation Breakout Sessions
Price School Peers program
Regional Events Coordination (program-specific)
Speaker series programming
Academic advisor resource
Faculty/Staff awards
Service Projects
Coordinate (program-specific) professional development opportunities
Course evaluations
Focus On: Bridging

The Price School is one of the unique graduate schools at USC that believes in the power of cross-sectoral collaboration. In 1998, the school combined four programs in an effort to live up to its reputation as a school of policy, planning and development:

Master of Public Policy (MPP)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Planning (MPL)
Master of Health Administration (MHA)

GPAC values the power of bridging developing partnerships with organizations outside of one’s field in order to address the challenges facing today’s leaders. At Price, we have the opportunity to bridge the MPP and MPA programs through GPAC. Contact with your collaborative idea today.