USC’s Anti-Smoking Initiative

An anti-smoking initiative (to make the campus completely smoke-free) has been introduced to USC by current faculty. GPSS Senators voted No against this initiative. What do you think? Email your senators to share your opinion! The Campus Affairs Committee is addressing issues of food education, making our campus greener and more! Email for more information on how to get involved.

Vote for your GPSS Senator Candidates this week!

The *Graduate Policy Administration Community* Officers Board is proud to announce your candidates for GPAC GPSS Senator. Below are your candidates! Their candidacy statements are listed at the bottom of this email.

*Author Anderson

* *Ryan Curry*

* David Judge * *

* *Caroline Kim*

Voting period is from *September 12 at 10pm – September 16* *at 10pm* You may vote for up to *three (3)* candidates.

Vote here!!

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